Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Splendid!

Check out this sneak peak at a fun and eye catching brand for a local events/wedding planner. She wanted something unique and trendy that stood out from the crowd. Love the colour choices... pink and orange are too cute!

Simply Lavish!

The team at Cinnamon had a ton of fun working on this fabulous brand. The two dynamic ladies behind the company knew exactly what they wanted, and were so easy to please because of their vision. Love the charcoals and purple together. So fresh!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

KS on the Keys

Cinnamon is working with the team at KS to get this website UP! It has been a long time running, but it looks like we have everything we need. We had a great photo session with Andrew Geddes and it is coming together... Special thank you to Anna - our beautiful model!

Check out the sneak peak!

More to come...

Friday, September 10, 2010


Cinnamon LOVES working with Joan-Anne from Viva La Wedding! I don't think we have met a sweeter person. She is full of life and energy and is simply fabulous! We are pleased to be working on her marketing, and just completed an ad for Ottawa Wedding Magazine and a fun new promo postcard too.

Need a wedding planner? Make sure to check her out.

Here is a sneak peak!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Canadian Institute of Planners

The Canadian Institute of Planners contacted Cinnamon in need of help with their World Town Planning Day poster.

We happily took on the project and are so excited that they were up for a fun and playful approach. Check out the sneak peak, and watch out for these posters to get ready for the upcoming November event!

Halloween at Party Mart!

Cinnamon is pleased to be working with Party Mart in creating this years Halloween banners! From what I gather, Halloween is a BIG DEAL - raking in the most doe of ANY time of the year. Crazy! With this in mind, they are transforming their stores into Halloween Stations... with everything you could possibly imagine for your Halloween party and decor needs.

The signs are at the printers, so within no time Party Mart will be transformed. Watch out for it!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lilac Offically Opens its Doors!

The day arrived last week and we couldn't be more excited! Lilac officially opened its purple doors and made a very sexy splash in Westboro! Emilia (the owner) has told us a BUNCH of new stock with be arriving very soon and the store will be full of the most mod and beautiful styles (but still affordable!)

In the next couple of weeks I will be getting a photographer in there to show it off. We couldn't be happy with the result and want to share its pretty purple interiors! Just waiting on that new stock... and the chandelier!

Stay tuned!

Cherry Pie is JUST around the corner!

Hey ladies! If you haven't heard (which I don't think is possible!) don't miss out on this coming Cherry Pie event! Get ready to mingle and meet over 500 women. I have a feeling this one is going to be HUGE, so don't miss out. A great way to make connections, new business, and just generally share ideas. If all else fails, it's a night out with a cocktail!

Watch out for the Cinnamon booth! We will be there ready to go. Come on by and say hello... can't wait for you to meet my two Spicy Cinnamon Girls!

See you soon!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Website Launches!

Cinnamon has been working at a whole bunch of fun websites and we can now officially say most of them have gone live! Check out:

Ramona Packham
VSP's Printing
Marcello's Market and Deli
Custom Paper Works

We have a lot in the works too, so watch out for more fab clients to come!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bittle D

Calling all Fashionista's! We are working with two stylish girls in the States who are in need of a funky and fem website design that represents their fresh look. Here's a sneak peak... online shopping website to come!

Power of Hope

Cinnamon has teamed up with the team over at Fertile Future and the new website is coming along really well! Only a matter of time before we can go live. In the mean time, check out this fun new logo we developed for their Power of Hope Program.

Stay tuned lots more to share on this one!

Lilac Lingerie opening just around the CORNER!

Cinnamon is so pleased to be working with the owner of an upcoming lingerie boutique going in Westboro. We have been lucky enough to team up with her to help create all of her interior designs. Everything from the flooring to the faucets have a Cinnamon touch. Last night, we took a peak at the progress and it is just so exciting!

Watch out for Lilac Lingerie opening VERY soon! If you are in need of classy and stylish lingerie with one on one customer service check this place out...

More to come!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some new eye candy!

Cinnamon is so pleased to share a full new portfolio page on our website! Check out all our fabulous clients and their dynamic brands that are inspired by personalities, audiences, and YOU! We are so excited to see all of them in one place.

Enjoy! (and look for yours!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Baking a PIE! (a little teaser)

Cherry Pie is back ladies and it is back with POP! Get ready to mingle at this years event on August 17th at Soma Health and Fitness Club. You won't be disappointed! We are so pleased to be designing the look for the third time and we LOVE the style and new invite. It's time to network network network!

More info coming soon...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Foster Family Farm - SNEAK PREVIEW!

Cinnamon is working along side the team at Foster Family Farm to create a new look for their veggie and produce farm. We are excited that they have gone for a colourful, fun and fresh look that will stand out from the crowd. Working away on signage and other items.. but for now, just a little sneak peak!

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Go pick some Strawberries! YUM.

Taste of Wellington with Flower's Talk!

Heading out to Taste of Wellington this weekend? Don't miss out on Flower's Talk great offer for $5 off any purchase of $20 or more! Check out her cute and colourful store - you won't be disappointed.

Need more info on the event? Click here!

Jonathan Arscott Sneak Peak

Cinnamon is pleased to be working with Toronto based Jonathan Arscott who puts a twist into real estate. His words - no homes, keys, signs or anything of this nature. SO... we went for an earthy, mod feel that captures his fresh approach to real estate.

Watch out for the official launch of his brand!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Delta Media Expands!

Cinnamon teamed up with the fabulous Carrie Irvine from Blackbird Communications to create this fun and poppy evite for Delta Media. They are proudly expanding to the west, and what better of a way to celebrate with a west coast themed launch party!

Check it out here!

VSP Website Sneak Peak!

We are working with Jane from VSP Printing to update her website. Cinnamon designed their first site over three years ago, and well... a lot has changed in three years! We can't wait to launch her punchy and fresh new look. We are gearing up and planning for a July launch... so fingers crosssed.

Custom Paper Works Website

We are working with the talented Kate from Custom Paper Works to get her new look meshed into her new website design. We are rounding the last bend and are excited to launch the new site so she can show case all of her beautiful invite designs! Watch out of her launch...

Mildred Lynn - Sneak Peak!

Cinnamon is pleased to be working with the lovely and bubbly Mildred Lynn! We are just making some final touches to the site and we should be up and running soon. Watch out for the launch, and follow Mildred's blog and ebook to self discovery and moving up and onwards with life and all it's changes. More to come...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love & Lipstick

Ottawa is welcoming a new radio station and with it comes Love & Lipstick. Check out the new ez rock 99.7 fm and don't miss Sue McGarvie's new show at 8:00 every Sunday to talk about everything from sex to fine wines. It's everything a girl could need!

We have been lucky enough to work with Sue on the show's visuals! Working along side the talented illustrator Beckie Dileo the look is chic and sexy.

Watch for it on buses and billboards!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fueling Career & Entrepreneurial Growth

Thinking of leaving your career to take on the world on your own? Working in a fast paced job you love but want to embrace more? Cinnamon's latest launch uplift! is a consulting firm that helps you do just that! Principal (and inspiration for the new brand) Paula Pyne is warm and inspired by people ready to make a career leap.

Watch out for her on twitter too! @paulapyne

More to come!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Fuchsia Factory keeps on GROWING!

Cinnamon hasn't been lucky enough to attend one of the latest Fuchsia events... but we can hear all the buzz everywhere around town. As the founder, Tina Yelle, continues to grow the Fuchsia network and we are so pleased to be working with her so that the brand grows as quickly as the factory does! Watch out for some more updates on the website as well as The Fuchsia Factory coming to YOUR city.

Check out the cute water bottles! (photo courtesy of Amna Hakim Photography)

Check it out here!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dr Delightful's website almost done...

We are working away on getting the website for this fabulous toy maker and children's party go to guy! The site is punchy and fun... can't wait to launch the bubbly new look.

HR Solved!

Cinnamon is working with Blackbird Communications to finalize Ramona Packham's website. With her new logo and identity in place, it is the last piece in her rebrand. The site is in development, so watch out for the site which outlines all of her HR packages!

Join the movement!

We are excited to be working with the ladies of the new and improved yoga and life style centre that focuses on a balanced and healthy living. Educate, Empower and Enrich yourself with this new centre.

For just $200 enjoy unlimited Yoga classes and a free running club. Join the movement!!

1 - 2 - 3 Success!

Cinnamon is pleased to be working with the professional team at EnabledSuccess to add updates and a new look to their website. Each week we are adding new items to streamline their look and showcase how fabulous this company really is! Here's a sneak peak at the new designs... more to come!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Manotick's 150th Birthday!

Cinnamon is helping Manotick celebrate their 150th birthday with the design materials for the Cooper's Brothers/Bushpilots concert on the 5th of June. Sneak peak below... more info to come!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peggy McColl Book Launch Event

Cinnamon is so pleased to be showcasing this Friday at New York Time's Best Selling Author Peggy McColl. We have been working with Peggy on a few banners and items to prep her for the event and we can't wait to meet everyone going to this fabulous event.

Watch out for us at our Cinnamon booth! Enter our draw to win a free twitter background too!

See you there!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A night of PASION!

Cinnamon is so pleased to be working with Kelly Coates from Dazzle Events on the marketing materials for an upcoming night of wines, delicious food and tango in support of of The Queensway Carleton Hospital's Care Grows West $35 Million Hospital Expansion Campaign.

Don't miss out on this fabulous event on May 29th 2010 at the Casino Lac-Leamy Theature in Gatineau.

More info to come!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cinnamon Teams up the IABC

We are working away with a busy team to prep for the IABC Awards Gala here in Ottawa on June 1st. Cinnamon is working with tons of great people to ensure this event is a huge success!

Our role is to make sure everything looks spiffy for the big night and we are having fun working on the chic images that match this years location at the Chateau.

Here's a sneak peak at the royal look! Want to know more? Click here to visit their site!

Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament Gets a New Look

Cinnamon is thrilled to be working with the Ottawa Chamber to create this years August 24th Annual Golf Tournament brand. Our new co-op student, Beverly Hyatt, has been working away on making this years look regal and fresh.

This is your sneak peak, watch out for the program look as well as the website banner.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Fuchsia Girls!

We are still having fun with Tina over at the Fuchsia Factory working away on her promo pieces! Check out the girls all hanging out together on this fun piece for her water bottles...

Haven't been to an event yet? It is a must! Check it out here!

Spicing up the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce

Cinnamon is so pleased to be working along the dynamic team at the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce on a complete rebrand. Just met with them yesterday to get ready for the summer job and we can't wait to get started.

Not a chamber member? Check out their current site here!

Watch out for the new look!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Competitor, Collaborator or Inspiration?

We are so thankful to be surrounded by amazing people everyday. We're talking outgoing, bubbly, kind, professional, detailed, funny, creative, and driven - to just name a few. We are lucky to work with inspired people with big dreams and big ideas... and we would like to think we learn from them all.

Every day, I swear is a learning curve, and today... a new one hit us at Cinnamon. We live in a somewhat small city. The kind of city where everyone knows everyone. For businesses (if you are running one that people generally say good things about) this is a great way to grow and to gain referrals, connections and solid peers. Unfortunately, it also means, the odds are you will run into your competition more often than you may like to.

The question is though, what/who is your competition? Are they companies that have clients you want? Are they making more money? Are they creating a better product? Or are they simply in your field?

After thinking this though, I don't think it really is about money. There are pricey companies that deal with large clients, the ones in between and of course, the small guys for individuals or smaller companies. Sure, eventually, a company might build its size from a small business owner to a large corporation, but for instance, a first year fashion graduate's competition is not Christian Dior. In this case, we're talking inspiration and the same goes for graphic designers. There are resources and companies that I visit on a regular basis; they inspire me every day to be a better designer and business owner. So money in many ways is just too subjective.

I also don't think (funny as it may sound) it has very much with being in the same field. As I said above, Christian Dior is not a competitor for the average fashion designer (and rather an inspiration) and just because you do the same thing, doesn't mean you do it the same way (or want to). Of course, it goes the other way as well - if a fashion designer finds that another fashion designer down the street is not creating work that he/she believes lives up to their standard of design, I would think they would also write them off as competition.

So whats that leave us with?

a) they are making a better product/providing better service
b) they are working with clients you want

These two qualities put together are a pretty sure sign of a competitor and someone you may want to have on your radar. Rather then squashing these people, I am finding it is always better to use that energy to make yourself or your product better. What steps do you need to make this happen and how can you make yourself more visible to the clients you want. Or in some cases, can you collaborate with your competition? In the design field in many cases the smartest way to learn and join them in the rankings is by working directly with them.

Otherwise, (meaning they don't have the above two qualities) is it worth paying attention to? I suppose if someone is going out of their way to say not so nice things in an attempt to bring you down you may want to pay them some attention. However, most likely, it just isn't worth your time. Heathy competition is a good thing, learning from those that do something well is the only way to get better at what you do. Even as I write this it makes me want to look more towards my business plan and standards and how I can continue to grow and make Cinnamon the best it can be.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back to the Grind!

We are back to work and ready to catch up and take on new projects with a fresh approach! It is amazing what some R&R will do for you! We had some time to reflect and get ready for what is to come.

We have an exciting new contract in the works we can't wait to share... and an extra fun campaign to promote!

Spring is here. (we hope!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Victoria Kukushkina's New Brand!

Cinnamon is pleased to be working with Victoria Kukushkina - an inspired and dedicated event architect with flare! If you need someone to take control of your corporate affair talk to this girl! She knows the ropes in Ottawa and has exquisite taste!

Had a fabulous photoshoot at 18 Restaurant today with photographer Andrew Geddes. 18 was so helpful and welcoming... thank you for letting us use your chic space to capture Victoria's new headshots...

Here is a sneak peak of her new look... we are loving it! Up next her website blue print and her twitter page!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Taking some time for R&R

Cinnamon is officially taking a few days off! Should you have an emergency, please email us at and we will be sure to return your email within 24 hours. See you on the 15th!

Friday, March 5, 2010

For You!

I found this on here... and I thought you would like it. Happy birthday to one of the few people in the whole wide world that get me.

Have an FABULOUS day!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Paper OH MY!

We just finished up a new brand for Custom Paper Works. Kate, the owner and designer for all things paper has been so wonderful to work with. She is creative and genuine, with such positive and constructive feedback.

We can't wait to get started on her website! Check out her new monogram!

Check her out here!

Northern Water Quality Management LIVE!

Cinnamon is pleased to announce that Northern Water's website is live! We have really loved working with the dynamic team over in North Bay - and we hope to be lucky enough to keep working with them!

In the north and need to learn about how to keep your water safe? Call this team! They are fabulous!

Click here to check out their new site!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sneak Peak at a Toronto Client...

Cinnamon is busy at work with a new client from Toronto. Think GREEN energy. This amazing company helps other corporations make smart green energy choices to save money and the environment.

We will share more soon!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cinnamon's Website Updates!

Cinnamon is busy at work adding another portfolio page to our site! We are so excited to showcase all of our fabulous clients... watch out for everything from flowers to speed networking. With this new page we are also excited to be prepping for our Co-op Student who starts in March... She will be working on a fun Spring campaign so watch out!

Stay tuned for so much to come...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Balloons, Toys and more!

Cinnamon is working with Drew (aka Dr. Delightful) who puts smiles on kids faces! With his creative skills (in all things toys!) Drew brings delight to all of his events...

For his new look, we wanted to be playful and fun- and it worked! We can't wait to get started on his website design.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conceirge Launches New Website!

Cinnamon is pleased to announce that Concierge Home Services new website is now live! We had so much fun working along side owner, Rebecca Page, that we hope continue to work with her! Watch out for this growing company... they have what it takes to go BIG!!

Creative Visionary's New Vision!

The owner of Creative Visionary, Launa Linaker, was searching for a new brand that would better represent all of the wonderful services she offers. This one year online program include weekly audio recording, teleseminars, video recordings with different themes including meditation, visioning, limbs of yoga, and creativity exercises) Her goal is to expand awareness and consciousness to create and inspire healthy living. This is only the beginning of our relationship with Launa, and we are having a ton of fun with it!

Ottawa Flowers New Website in the WORKS!

Cinnamon Toast and Blackbird are working with the owner of Ottawa Flowers to apply their chic new brand to all marketing elements... including their website. We have been busy at work creating an eye catching and fresh new look! Here's a sneak peak! Watch out for the launch...

Digital Daylight Rebrand!

Cinnamon is pleased to give you a sneak peak at Digital Daylight's new logo! We had a ton of fun working with Kim and Andy on this one.. and love the result! We are currently working on their business cards and stationary- which is going to look just as fresh ad fun...

Custom Paper Works

We are so pleased to be working with Kate, the owner and designer at Custom Paper Works. This girl knows her stuff and creates invitations that are simply exquisite. She has lush taste and a deluxe sense of style. Want to make your invites extraordinary!? Contact this girl! We have been lucky enough to help her with her rebrand. We went with a very clean and fresh look... watch out for her new brand!!

Making your Space Smart.

Cinnamon is pleased to be working with Heather, the owner and founder of Smart Space Organizing. We are having so much fun working with this warm hearted and vibrant woman. She is what we call the perfect client! Can't wait to launch more of her beautiful new look with her twitter page.. and eventually her new website! Watch out...

Girls Night The Musical a HUGE Success!

Wow! What a whirl wind of a week! Thursday night marked the opening night for Girls Night the Musical and what a night it was! Blackbird Communications, Cinnamon, and Push Communications teamed up to market the dynamic and funny musical that has Ottawa buzzing! Opening night was a wonderful success with a SOLD out show and over 1000 woman filling the Counterpointe Theatre's front entrance. It was INTENSE. We were so lucky to have the dynamic team from BH Photography capturing the event and we are so pleased with the results. Hang on for Monday as we will be announcing our draw winners, as one lucky winner will enjoy a free boudoir session! Check out the fill size pics here!
All the ladies enjoyed goodie bags from Sephora, delicious mini cupcakes from Little Cakes, (all in hot pink, yellow and chocolate to with our theme!) Designer Gowns from Kenlan's Closet, (The owners were all decked out in them!) Beautiful Jewels by Blend Creations... and even Smash box was there!

Our grand prize winner, Mary May - arrived in a limo courtesy of Capital Limousine and enjoyed a free dinner at Daly's Restaurant with three of her fav women! They will also enjoy a $500 g/c from Rideau Centre and a free spa package from Josephs!

We can't wait to draw our ballot box winners- so ladies be on the look out - we will be calling the four lucky winners on Monday! They will enjoy g/c from all of our wonderful vendors! Ottawa is so jammed packed full of amazing talent we feel so lucky to have worked with them all!

Thank you to all of Ottawa for supporting this fantastic show!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Lurve Day!

Cinnamon wishes you a happy valentines... hope it is is spicy and delicious!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Girls Night - Just around the Corner!

Wow! Girl's night is almost here! We are SO close to being sold out... if you don't have your tickets yet make sure to get em (opening night is going to be amazing) We'll be there to welcome you with a whole bunch of great vendors too!

Get ready for some good times...

Algonquin College Co-op

Cinnamon is pleased to be welcoming a Co-op student from Algonquin College in the spring. We can't wait to get the extra help and to share our days with another fresh designer! Watch out for a special spring campaign she'll be taking a hold of and hopefully... if all goes well major Cinnamon portfolio updates and some new Spicy + Savvy material too!

So much to come...

Voice Found.

Cinnamon ans Blackbird are pleased to be working along side Cynthia of Voice Found. Cynthia is dedicated to speaking out to help heal, support and empower adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Find her on twitter and learn how you can help.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ottawa Real Estate!

Hey Ottawa! Looking for a go to girl for all things Real Estate! Christiane LaFleur is fab! Although I have yet to purchase a home with her (give me a year!) I can tell she is all about service by working with her as a client. Christiane is prompt, direct, and friendly. The best kind of client. Working on her web banners and SO close to being done!

Want to get in touch with Christiane? Email her!