Thursday, October 8, 2009

Digital Print VS Offset

This is a question Cinnamon comes across almost every day! I am always talking about it with a client for their new business cards and promo pieces- and nearly always trying to help them decide which one is the best choice for them. And that's just it- it's a choice. Both with their pros and cons.

The industry of print in general is a HUGE one. I would like to think I know quite a bit about it, but on the grand scheme of things... well I know only a chunk. It is a huge industry to know WELL. When it comes to all the options - there are just too many to count. Understanding paper weight is a whole under taking on its own.

So when it comes to print.. what is the best solution? There really isn't a clean cut answer to this. It depends on so many things! Check out this great article that explains the differences between offset and digital and both of their advantages.

Long story short, I say finding a printer you love is like finding an exceptional hair stylist. VERY hard. You know, one does a great cut, but they can't seem to nail that golden blond you want so badly. Or, maybe one is really friendly, but can't seem to get those bangs just so. Same goes for printers.

In the end, whetever your choice, make sure the print job is exceptional. For me and my clients? We use both... switching back and forth depending on the product , the market and the purpose.

Happy Printing!

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